A Series of Four EcoJournals
With Nature Activities for Exploring the Seasons

by Toni Albert
illustrated by
Margaret Brandt

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A Kid’s Spring

A Kid’s Summer

A Kid’s Fall

A Kid’s Winter

Paperback list: $10.95
Grades: 3-up
ISBN - A Kid's Spring EcoJournal: 0-9640742-3-0
ISBN - A Kid's Summer EcoJournal: 0-9640742-4-9
ISBN - A Kid's Fall EcoJournal: 0-9640742-5-7
ISBN - A Kid's Winter EcoJournal: 0-9640742-6-5
Author: Toni Albert
Illustrator: Margaret Brandt

Four EcoJournals, one for each season, invite kids to explore the seasons with unusual and exciting nature activities and then to write about their experiences. The books include exquisitely illustrated writing pages for children, short entries from the author's nature journals, which reflect her irrepressible delight in the natural world, and dozens of nature activities for children to try. Kids learn to develop a deep love and respect for the environment.

Packed With Activities!   
Kids can:

  • make a mushroom spore print

  • dissect an owl pellet

  • collect a spider web

  • raise tadpoles or caterpillars

  • collect insect galls and raise the larvae

  • build an eco-pond

  • make woodpecker pizza and bird biscuits

  • press wildflowers, grasses, and leaves

  • make a snowman for birds

  • build a track trap

  • attract moths with a "shining sheet"

  • make a collector's caddy

  • build a squirrel house

  • plant a bog garden, a butterfly garden, or a moonlight garden

“Another teacher and I thought we could share a set of your EcoJournals. However after reading them, we both decided we each wanted a set of our own.”  Sally Van Why, Bedford Elementary School, PA




Book Format:
Size: 8˝ x 11 
Pages: 64 
Illustrations: Every page







“I really liked the spring book. It is one of the best. My dad is going to make a flower press for me and I am going to help him. I can’t wait to get the summer and winter ecojournals...I hope to make an owl box and have baby owls in it.”  Tim W., Ronks, PA

Excerpt: From the author’s Spring EcoJournal - “During the winter, little white-bellied deer mice invade the machines that are not being used—the rototiller, the lawn tractor, and the log splitter...It has become an annual event for us to catch some mice in the spring and keep them for a few weeks in a terrarium. It gives us a wonderful chance to observe them.
Once we caught a mother with two tiny, bald babies with their eyes still closed. We called her Dear-Deer Mouse and watched her raise her family. She built a messy nest out of dried grass and shredded tissue in a small hollow branch that we gave her. She ate seeds and bran cereal and apple slices. Her babies opened shiny black eyes and grew gray velvet fur. One of them spent three days eating a strawberry that was bigger than it was. (That was Strawberry ShortMouse.)
As soon as the little mice are grown, we release them outside. Even though we can’t resist giving them names, we know they are not pets. They are little wild animals that are not meant to live in a terrarium. They have things to do in the world and mouse lives to live.                                            

Strawberry ShortMouse



“Toni Albert loves kids, but even more she loves ‘teaching kids to care for the Earth.’ It radiates from each new EcoJournal. Albert’s twenty years of daily strolls through the trails of the woodlands around Trickle Creek, with nature journal in hand, were waiting to be mined for the wealth of nature activities they could provide for young readers.” Keystone Conservationist 


A Kid’s Fall EcoJournal is really a special book, and with each journal entry page there is also a page with unique nature learning ideas—such as wearing a pair of old socks over your shoes and going for a walk to collect dried seeds...and then planting the socks to see what will grow! The book has lovely, quality illustrations. It’s a real treat.” Pennsylvania Homeschoolers


A Kid’s Winter EcoJournal is another wonderful book to add to your child’s library. My daughter likes to hurry when she’s writing so I have to keep reminding her to write in her best handwriting. This is a book I plan to keep.  Erin Amundsen on her blog, areviewandgiveaway.com

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