The Remarkable Rainforest
  An Active-Learning Book for Kids

  by Toni Albert, illustrated by Ada Hanlon


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Paperback list: $10.95
Grades: 3-8
 ISBN Paperback: 1-929432-04-6
  Author:  Toni Albert
Illustrator: Ada Hanlon

“This book is not just for reading—it's an activity book packed with nature experiments, crafts, recipes, puzzles, riddles, mazes and quizzes. What better way to learn about the rainforests and their plight." Girls' Life

Exciting New Edition Available Now 

Description: The Remarkable Rainforest is written to help kids learn about the plight of rainforests and what we can do to help save them. The exciting new edition, completely updated and enlarged, includes:

  • A new two-page photo journal that takes kids on a rainforest adventure

  • A new page of exciting rainforest activities, such as attracting a rainforest bird to your backyard, making rainforest potpourri, and visiting a Rainforest Cafe

  • A new page with directions for making an indoor rainforest

  • The author's "Rainforest Journal" about her adventures in the Costa Rican rainforests, which makes the forests "come alive" to children

  • Learning resources, including a glossary, a bibliography for kids, lists of rainforest exhibits and environmental organizations, and favorite rainforest
    web sites

  • Dozens and dozens of activities that are challenging and fun

  • Fascinating information and unique photos and artwork

Packed With Activities! 
 Kids can:

  • grow a mini-rainforest that makes its own rain

  • learn how to get a crocodile eye
  • make a paper bromeliad that holds a live tadpole
  • play "Save the Rainforest," a complete board game
  • do nature experiments
  • go on a rainforest scavenger hunt
  • learn how to start a rainforest club
  • enjoy puzzles, riddles, quizzes, and mazes
  • do rainforest art activities and writing activities


My son loves your book. He wants to make his bedroom into a rainforest!” Suzanne W., Corpus Christi, TX 

Book Format: 
Size: 8½ x 11 
Pages: 64 
Illustrations: 70 + 
Photographs: 9


The Remarkable Rainforest is a complete curriculum
for students in grades 3-8.


Excerpt: From the Author’s "Rainforest Journal" - “When we finally hiked into the rainforest, it was like entering a great theater lit with green light. The audience was noisy though. There was a racket of hissing, croaking, calling, buzzing, peeping, and chirping. Toucans chattered in the balcony while an orchestra of insects tuned up strange instruments."

“My daughter has a greater appreciation of how she can help preserve the rainforests. She and several of her friends want to form a club to work on projects described in your book.”
Elizabeth B., Conewago Elementary School, PA



What Is a Rainforest?
How much do you already know?

Where Are the Rainforests?
Read a world map.

Costa Rica, "The Wildlife Sanctuary of the Americas"

Kinds of Tropical Forests

Make a Green and Gloomy Rainforest
Grow a mini-rainforest that makes its own rain.

Layers of Life

Houseplants from the Rainforest
Help a houseplant escape!

Epiphytes Fight for Light

A Plant with Its Own Water Tank
Grow a plant that holds water.

The Poison-Arrow Frog and the Bromeliad

A Rainforest Craft
Make a paper bromeliad and stock it with tadpoles.

The Slow-Motion Sloth

This Activity May Make You HOWL!
One answer leads to another.

But What IS a Paca?

Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees

A Bird Search
A Bird/Word Search.

Creatures of the Night
Do you know why bats are vital to the rainforest?

How to Get a "Crocodile Eye"
Teach yourself to really SEE!

Rainforest Reptiles

Never Step on a Fer-de-Lance...

The Leaf-Cutters and The Swollen-Thorn Acacia

and Its Ants

Make Your Own Ant Farm
Observe ant antics

The Forest People

A Clash of Cultures
Consider some hard questions.

Rainforest Adventure
Write your own adventure.

The Destroyers of the Rainforest

PLAY Save the Rainforest (Game Board)

PLAY Save the Rainforest (Directions)

PLAY Save the Rainforest (Game Cards)
The goal of the game is to find creative ways to save the rainforest.

A Time to Puzzle...

Why Can’t the Rainforest Grow Back?
Find out why the rainforest is like Humpty Dumpty.

Vanishing Rainforests

Take Note!

What Happens When the Rainforests Are Cut Down?
Experiment with soil.

The Rainforest Supermarket

Rainforest Scramble

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas

Rainforest Recipes
Make a rainforest fruit shake and rainforest trail mix.

Can You Find a Secret Message?

The Most Important Reason
What does your choice say about you?

Working to Save the Rainforests

A Place to Puzzle...

What Can You Do?
Practical ways to help.

A Rainforest Scavenger Hunt
Search an exhibit—or this book!

Start a Rainforest Club
A great thing to do.

My Thoughts About the Rainforest
What do you think now?



Books About the Rainforest
Read more about rainforests.

Environmental Organizations

Rainforest Exhibits

Some Things to Think About